Help Us Create a Stuff Pack: FAQ

What is this project about?
At Maxis, we have always valued the idea that creativity can come from anywhere, and appreciated just how passionate our players are about The Sims. More recently, we’ve seen an increase in questions about how development really works - and how we make The Sims come to life. As a result, we’re kicking off this initiative to share part of our process with you.
Why a Stuff Pack?
Stuff Packs focus on a few key objects and experiences that tie into one overarching theme. This scope of these packs provides an ideal opportunity for us to include community input throughout our development process, as it represents a small-scale version of developing a larger Expansion Pack (or entire game!)
Will I have to pay for this Stuff Pack when it releases?
Yes, this Stuff Pack will be released at a later date once development has been finished.
How much will this Stuff Pack cost?
Upon its release it will be sold at the same price as a Stuff Pack, $9.99 USD / 9.99€.
Why can't we submit the content for voting?
The choices provided have been evaluated by the team to ensure we have the proper resources available to explore and deliver on the input we receive from the community.
How long will the voting last for?
Each section available for voting will last a total of three days.
Why don't you have dates set for some of the voting options?
There are some items that are dependent on the completion of other milestones before we can confidently add them to our calendar and confirm their dates.
Why can't I see how many people have voted for certain options?
To keep the voting from being skewed by malicious intent, we are keeping the number of votes on any particular section hidden.
When will this Stuff Pack be releasing?
This Stuff Pack will be available for purchase in the next year, when development has been completed.
Where can I provide feedback throughout development?
We will be holding voting on particular moments throughout development. Dates have been mapped out in our announce blog. For any additional discussion or other possibilities of feedback check out our dedicated forum page.